Saint John Orthodox Cathedral

Eagle River, Alaska

Antiochian Archdiocese

Brothers of Lazarus

Method of Operation

  1. Notification of a specific task will be sent by email from the Cathedral Maintenance Overseer to all the Brothers of Lazarus.
  2. Any member of the fellowship able to help with this task should respond by email, choosing “reply all,” so that other members will know that this task has been addressed. Members need respond only if they can help; they do not need to respond if they cannot help.
  3. Once a member of the fellowship has offered to help with a task, the Maintenance Overseer will contact him with more specific details about the task before he begins to work. If no one is able to respond to a posted task, the Maintenance Overseer will find other means to address the task.
  4. All members of the fellowship are encouraged to make suggestions to the Maintenance Overseer regarding maintenance needs they observe and to address on their own simple, minor issues they see. But members should not initiate any substantial task or incur any expense for reimbursement, without prior approval from the Maintenance Overseer.