Saint John Orthodox Cathedral

Eagle River, Alaska

Antiochian Archdiocese

"Memory Eternal!"
  • Brenda Joy Davis6-28-1994
  • Nancy Lee Downing10-19-2002
  • Barbara Ann Dunaway1-25-2011
  • Mary Elizabeth Dunaway9-20-1984
  • Fr. Harold Dunaway1-3-2012
  • Marlene Faye Dyal7-24-2005
  • Richard L. Eckert8-29-2013
  • Herb W. Enns4-21-2003
  • Isabella Joy Fletes10-24-2019
  • Ruth McLean French6-24-1984
  • Lazarus Frizelle5-1-2008
  • Lynn Ellen Guio2-17-2019
  • Kent A. Ihde4-13-2000
  • Clyde Clarence Jones3-29-2002
  • Dorothy Calberg Keating9-11-2012
  • Miranda Marie Kelly6-8-1984
  • Russell Raoul Labrecque9-30-1986
  • Helen Agi Lund9-18-1983
  • Mark David McIlrath1-25-1986
  • Fr. Thomas Moffatt9-2-2008
  • Fr. Lazarus Moore11-27-1992
  • Helen Grace Peters10-23-1998
  • Garland James Peters5-6-1979
  • Laurie Jean Prather11-13-2002
  • Helen Primis3-14-1999
  • Steve Theodore Primis2-3-2001
  • Jean Margaret Proctor11-7-1997
  • Fr. Daniel Arthur Ryan7-7-1984
  • Paul F. Schanzenbach12-25-2016
  • Laura B. Scott9-13-2014
  • Margaret Hardesty Simmons11-1-2007
  • Dn. Christian Timothy Sorensen2-23-2000
  • Esther Lois Sparks6-18-2012
  • Fr. Jack Norman Sparks2-8-2010
  • Abner Picon Trenche5-1-2016
  • Thomas H. Webster12-01-2021
  • Phyllis I. Webster2-12-1992
  • Rosalie Ann Zink6-21-2000
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Saint John's Cemetery
Saint John Orthodox Cathedral Cemetery is located on Monastery Drive, across the street from the Cathedral and Saint James House. It is a private parish cemetery inteded for the burial of Orthodox Christians. It is maintained as a place of respectful repose for the departed providing a place for reflection and prayer in a peaceful natural setting. On one side is the glass mosaic of the Theotokos and a sheltered log bench. Nearby a trail leads through the woods to the Saint Sergius of Radonezh Chapel. All are welcome to stop and enjoy the beauty and quiet.