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Saint John’s community sits at the base of the Chugach mountains in Eagle River, Alaska. It began as a ministry for young adults and eventually became part of the Orthodox Church.
We invite you to join us in our journey to know God and to serve our neighbors. Discover the difference in Orthodox Christianity.

Community Highlight

Forgiveness Sunday - March 1

Forgiveness Sunday Vespers begins at 6:15pm, March 1st.At the end of Vespers on this day, Orthodox Christians ask for each other’s forgiveness as they prepare for the beginning of Great Lent. It is also called “Cheesefare Sunday,” since on the following day the fast begins to include abstention from dairy products as well as meat. All the vestments are changed to dark purple, and Lenten melodies begin to be sung.“A journey, a pilgrimage! Yet, as we begin it, as we make the first step into the "bright sadness" of Lent, we see — far, far away — the destination. It is the joy of Easter, it is the entrance into the glory of the Kingdom.”– Fr. Alexander Schmemann, Introduction to Great Lent

Sunday's Homily Excerpt
February 23, 2020

Brothers and sisters, it will be each person’s own conscience that condemns him or her on the day we stand before Jesus Christ. All of our accomplishments and successes, offices and awards, that have value in this present world will be stripped away and forgotten. Only one thing will remain and this is the main lesson of today’s Gospel: Did we learn to show love to other people and did we manifest this in love in real and practical ways?- Fr. Marc Dunaway