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Saint John’s community sits at the base of the Chugach mountains in Eagle River, Alaska. It is a parish in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America.
We invite you to join us in our journey to know God and to serve our neighbors within the tradition of Orthodox Christianity.

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  • Coffee Hour Info and Schedule

    Coffee Hour after Sunday Liturgy is an important time of fellowship. Please check the schedule in the link below to see when your group is assigned to bring snacks and also when you are to host. Thank you!
    Coffe Hour Info
  • Special Lecture by Missionary to Albania, Nathan Hoppe

    Sunday October 2, 6-7pm - 'The Resurrection of the Church in Albania.' After 46 years of persecution under communism, the Church in Albania was nearly destroyed. Only 15 Orthodox clergy remained and nearly all Churches were in ruins or had been re-purposed. In 1991 a remarkable “resurrection” of the Church began under the leadership of Archbishop Anastasios. Nathan Hoppe and his family have been a vital part of this work for 24 years. Come, hear this inspiring story.

Community Highlight

Hike to Saint Sergius Chapel
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The Feast Day of Saint Sergius of Radonezh is September 25 and the Feast Day of Saint John the Evangelist is September 26. The students of Saint John's School celebrated these two Feast Days together by hiking to the Chapel of Saint Sergius on our '50 acres.' They learned about Saint Sergius and had a prayer service in the chapel, About 100 people participated. Returning to the Cathedral, hot chocolate and cookies were shared by all on a beautiful fall day.

Sunday's Homily Excerpt -September 14, Fr. Marc Dunaway.

The vertical axis of the Cross can remind us of God's great love for us in sending His Son to save us. The horizontal axis can remind us that we must take up our Cross to follow Christ. But any suffering, persecution, hardship that we experience now and lastly our own death and departure from this world can be seen as simply pushing through the turnstile, a one-way gate that leads to Paradise. Push and we're through. May God strengthen us and give us His grace to help us. Amen.-

"One Accord"

Excerpts from Christian writers Past and Present

A saint does not shine outwardly. All of his riches are within, in his soul. A peasant came from afar to the monastery to see St. Sergius. When he asked the monks for the abbot, they told him he was working in the garden. The peasant went to the garden, and there saw a man in poor, ragged clothes, digging like any other peasant on a farm. The peasant returned to the monastery dissatisfied, thinking that the monks had made fun of him. So, to make things clear, he asked again for the glorious holy father, Sergius. Just then, Sergius returned to the monastery, and welcomed the peasant, serving him at the table. The saint saw into the heart of his guest, and knew the low opinion he had of his appearance. He consoled him by promising that he would see Sergius in a little while. A prince and his boyars then arrived at the monastery, and they all bowed low to St. Sergius, and asked his blessing. The monks then removed the peasant from the room in order to make room for the new guests. In amazement the peasant looked on from a distance, to see that the one he had sought had been nearby all the time. The peasant rebuked himself for his ignorance, and was greatly ashamed. When the prince departed, the peasant quickly approached the saint, fell at his feet and began to beg his forgiveness. The great saint embraced him and said to him: ‘Do not grieve, my son, for you are the only one who knew the truth about me, considering me to be nothing–while others were deluded, taking me for something great.' - Prologue of Ohrid