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Saint John’s community sits at the base of the Chugach mountains in Eagle River, Alaska. It began as a ministry for young adults and eventually became part of the Orthodox Church.
We invite you to join us in our journey to know God and to serve our neighbors. Discover the difference in Orthodox Christianity.

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Welcome Lorence Augustus Scherer

Congratulation to new parents, Raymond and Cecilia (Gray) Scherer!Lorence was born at 1:15am Sunday, October 18 at Alaska Regional Hospital He weighted 7 lbs and was 19 inches long

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Sunday's Homily Excerpt -October 25, 2020

Anger not only hurts other people, it damages our own soul. And the solution rarely has anything to do with the other person. It usually has only to do with our own self. For we can get just as angry at inanimate objects like a stripped screw or button that won’t go right… God loves us, and does not want us to be ruled by anger, not by a sudden burst of fury nor by the smoldering coals of pent up rage. When anger is in control of us we cannot be who God made us to be. We are prisoners of its impulses and blind to the truth. If Jesus came all the way across the Sea of Galilee to free the demon-possessed man, he can and does want to free us from anger. Fr. Marc Dunaway-

"One Accord"

Excerpts from Christian writers Past and Present

The enemy stirs up strife and thoughts of resentment and envy within us. For he too knows that the intelligence should control the incensive power; and so, by bombarding the intelligence with evil thoughts - with thoughts of envy, bitterness, conflict, guile, self-esteem - he persuades the intelligence to abandon its control, to hand the reins over to the incensive power, and to let the latter go unchecked. And the incensive power, having so to speak unseated its rider, disgorges through the mouth in the form of words all those things stored up in the heart as a result of the devil's wiles and the intellect's negligence. And the heart is then seen to be full, not of the divine Spirit and of godly thoughts, but of evil. It is as the Lord said: For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Matt. 12:34). For if the devil can induce the person he has taken possession of to utter what is harbored within, then that person will not merely call his brother ‘idiot’ or 'fool' but may well pass from insulting words to murder. It is in these ways that the devil fights against God and the commandment God gave about not being angry with one's brother without good cause. But the insulting words and their consequences could have been avoided had their initial provocations been expelled from the heart through prayer and attentiveness. Thus the devil achieves his purpose when he makes us break God's commandment by means of the thoughts that he insinuates into the heart. - St. Philotheos of Sinai - Forty Texts on Watchfulness 17