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Saint John’s community sits at the base of the Chugach mountains in Eagle River, Alaska. It began as a ministry for young adults and eventually became part of the Orthodox Church.
We invite you to join us in our journey to know God and to serve our neighbors. Discover the difference in Orthodox Christianity.

Community Highlight

Distance Learning with Saint John School

This week Saint John’s School rolls into its second week of 'distance-learning.' All the teachers and all the students K-8 are working hard every day to provide education for our students during this pandemic.Hooray! for the parents, teachers, and students who are making this happen!Pictured here are Solomon and Elizabeth Frizelle settling into their new school routine.

Sunday's Homily Excerpt -March 29, 2020

Like most of you, Betsy and I have watched the news, consulted with family, wondered and worried about what we can and should do. We are at times afraid, at other times not so much. But all the time there is the relentless uncertainty of it all. Will I get sick? Will anyone I know die from this? When and how will this all end? Will we recover? Can you believe this is happening? I asked Betsy, how can anyone possibly know what to say that is encouraging? She said to me: ‘But everything we believe as Christians is still the same.’ She was right and that is our comfort…. It is not for this life alone that we are living, but for the life of the Kingdom of God in the age to come! This is what we have always believed, is it not? And it has not changed, pandemic or no. So as we continue in the weeks of Lent we can pray, ‘Bring us, O Jesus, even us, to Your Holy Resurrection and to Your heavenly Kingdom.'(You can listen to the entire homily online on our livestream video link.)- Fr. Marc Dunaway

"One Accord"

Excerpts from Christian writers Past and Present

Someone once asked Saint John of the Ladder: 'How can we who are married and living amid public cares aspire to the monastic life?' He replied: 'Do whatever good you can. Do not speak evil of anyone. Don't rob anyone. Tell no lie. Despise no one and don't hold on to hatred. Don't separate yourself from the Church assemblies. Show compassion to the needy. Do not cause a scandal to anyone. Stay away from another's bed; and be true to your spouse. If you can do this, you will not be far from the Kingdom of God.'