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Saint John’s community sits at the base of the Chugach mountains in Eagle River, Alaska. It began as a ministry for young adults and eventually became part of the Orthodox Church.
We invite you to join us in our journey to know God and to serve our neighbors. Discover the difference in Orthodox Christianity.

Community Highlight

Parish Seniors Receive Vaccines

Fr. Robert received his first dose of the COVID 19 vaccine last week. Health care workers and other members of Saint John's who are 65 years old are now being vaccinated or have appointments to receive the vaccine.'We can all be thankful to God that Covid vaccines are now being distributed in Alaska and that many in our parish have begun to be vaccinated. This is a light at the end of a long tunnel and it will eventually alleviate some of the restrictions we have endured for so long.' from Fr. Marc's letter to parish 1-14-21.

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Sunday's Homily Excerpt -January 17, 2021

Being thankful is an essential part of being a healthy and happy person. We fully become who we are called to be when we stand in a relationship of worship and thanksgiving to God. Saint Basil the Great gave an exhortation to in Christians in the fourth century. ‘When you sit down to eat, pray. When you eat bread, do so thanking Him for being so generous to you. If you drink wine, be mindful of Him who has given it to you for your pleasure…. When you dress, thank Him for His kindness in providing you with clothes. When you look at the sky and the beauty of the stars, throw yourself at God’s feet and adore Him who in His wisdom has arranged things in this way. Similarly, when the sun goes down and when it rises, when you are asleep or awake, give thanks to God, who created and arranged all things for your benefit, to have you know, love and praise their Creator.’ - Homily by Fr. Marc Dunaway-

"One Accord"

Excerpts from Christian writers Past and Present

Life may have proved too much for us, have imposed on us a task too great, a sorrow too deep, a defeat too crushing, a temptation too dangerous. Or life may not have proved enough, so that we find ourselves ‘filled with a weariness of all this is old and habitual,’ we find ‘ambition’s sails drooping,’ and come to a bitter doubt of the worth of all our efforts. In either case, public worship proves our spiritual self-preservation: it renews the spirit as sleep renews the body; it cleanses, sanctifies, and leads along the road to salvation. Whether it be the ‘too bigness’ of life or its ‘too-littleness’ that distresses us, church worship brings us the experience of God which lifts us out of our burdened lives or out of our bored ones.- The Word Magazine, January-February 2021, V. 65, No. 1, page 15