Saint John Orthodox Cathedral

Eagle River, Alaska

Antiochian Archdiocese

Saint John's Orthodox Christian School

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Building Foundations
Celebrating Childhood

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Saint John’s School to educate our students so that wherever they go in life they will take with them a solid, early education, and they will carry within themselves a childhood experience of people who loved and cared for them in a way that reflects the values of the Orthodox Christian Faith.

Core Values

Nurturing Community

Our administration, our teachers, and our clergy are a close-knit team that support each other and our students. This teamwork makes us a nurturing community that addresses each student personally and gives individual attention to each one’s needs.

Orthodox Christian Ethos

The Orthodox Christian Faith inspires us to have an ethos of respect, love, patience, honesty, and forgiveness. Our goal is that others will see God’s love through us. We respect the beliefs of others and do not expect them to adopt our Orthodox Christian Faith.

Strong Academics

We want our students to excel in reading, writing, math, science and social studies, which requires that we balance each day with study, imagination, and physical activity. We also want them to learn to think critically and to express their ideas.

Freedom, Curiosity, and Creativity

Our School encourages these traits in our staff and our students, and believes a good education requires a variety of methods, experiences, and settings.


Our School expects classrooms to be well-managed and our students to be well-behaved. Respect is shown through kindness, listening to others, and following instructions. Our teachers treat their students with respect and in turn expect the same from them.

Safe Environment

We want our School to have an environment that is safe, where childhood innocence is protected, without racial, social or economic distinctions.