Saint John Orthodox Cathedral

Eagle River, Alaska

Antiochian Archdiocese

A Step Toward Gathering All Together Again

March 14, 2021 will mark one year since the entire congregation of Saint John’s was able to gather on a Sunday, due to coronavirus restrictions directed by our Metropolitan Joseph, the State of Alaska, and the Municipality of Anchorage. We thank God that as we approach this milestone and the beginning of a new Lent we are able to take steps towards gathering all together once again.

For the beginning of Lent four, new Liturgy Groups have been established, named after four mountains in the Holy Land, since every Divine Liturgy is an ascent to the Kingdom of God. The list of parishioners assigned to these Groups is posted in the Narthex/Entry of the Church. The Schedule of Liturgies for these Groups appears below, along with other Lenten services open to all. Guests are welcome to attend any service. Everyone who attends should continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing, overflowing into the Narthex if needed, until CDC recommendations direct otherwise.

Though gathering as a whole community is a vital part of our spiritual life, we are glad to observe these public policies for the good of our world. We pray God speed the time when we will all be able to meet again all together.

Live-Stream Services at the CathedralYou can also check our Calendar to see an updated schedule of Live-Stream services and other adjustments during this time.

Hymn Sheets for the streamed services can be found the Resources page.

Divine Liturgy Group Assignment

-- All --Sat. May. 87:15pmVespers
OLIVET/SINAI upstairsSun. May. 9 St Thomas Sunday9:00/10:00am (Stream)Matins/Liturgy
-- All --Sat. May. 157:15pmVespers
TABOR/ZION upstairsSun. May. 16 Myrrh-bearers Sunday9:00/10:00am (Stream)Matins/Liturgy
-- All --Sat. May. 227:15pmVespers
OLIVET/SINAI upstairsSun. May.23 Paralytic Sunday9:00/10:00am (Stream)Matins/Liturgy
-- All --Sat. May.297:15pmVespers
TABOR/ZION upstairsSun. May.30 Samaritan Woman Sunday9:00/10:00am (Stream)Matins/Liturgy
-- All --Sat. Jun. 57:15pmVespers
OLIVET/SINAI upstairsSun. Jun. 6 Blind Man Sunday9:00/10:00am (Stream)Matins/Liturgy
-- All --Wed. Jun.9 ASCENSION6:15pmVesperal Liturgy
-- All --Sat. Jun.127:15pmVespers
TABOR/ZION upstairsSun. Jun.13 Fathers of 1st Council9:00/10:00am (Stream)Matins/Liturgy
-- All --Sat. Jun. 197:15pmVespers
OLIVET/SINAI upstairsSun. Jun. 20 PENTECOST9:00/10:00am (Stream)Matins/Liturgy
-- All --Sun. Jun. 20 PENTECOST6:15pmKneeling Vespers

Regular Weekly Service Schedule

Saturday Evening Vespers - 7:15pm
Sunday Morning Matins/Orthros - 9:00am
Sunday Morning Divine Liturgy - 10:00am
Wednesday and Friday 6th Hour Prayers (During School Year) - 12:15pm
Wednesday Evening Prayer Service - See calendar for specific service and time.
Thursday Morning Divine Liturgy - 8:15am (During School Year)
All are Welcome!

Please see the Church Calendar for special, Feast Days Services and for Services During Lent and other special Seasons.

See below for a brief description of Services.

A panorama view of the interior (Nave) of Saint John Cathedral decorated for Christmas Eve.

Description of Services for Visitors

Vespers is an evening prayer service that usually lasts less than an hour and is made up of Psalms, hymns, and short verses sung by the chanters. It can be a good introduction to Orthodox worship.

Matins is a morning prayer service, which on Sunday flows without interruption into the main Sunday service, the Divine Liturgy. Matins is also known by the Greek name, Orthros. Many psalms and variable hymns are sung by the chanters, allowing it to expound on the themes for the day, which on Sunday is usually the Resurrection of Christ.

Divine Liturgy is the main, Sunday Service. The first part of the Liturgy focuses on the singing of hymns and the reading of the Epistle and the Gospel for the day, followed by the homily or short sermon. The second part of the Liturgy centers around offering prayers of thanksgiving to God and receiving Holy Communion. Everyone is welcome to join us in the hymns and prayers, but only Orthodox Christians who have prepared themselves should receive Communion. Everyone may partake of the blessed bread (antidoron) that is offered at the end of Liturgy. Also you are welcome on Sundays to join us after Liturgy for “Coffee Hour” and snacks in the Cathedral basement.

6th Hour Prayers is one of the short, daily services made up of Psalms, hymns and prayers. During the school year, the students of Saint John’s School say these prayers on Wednesdays and Fridays.

There are many other special and beautiful services celebrated in the tradition of the Orthodox Church. Days and times for these can be found on the Church Calendar.

At Saint John’s we have the custom of singing many of the Orthodox hymns congregationally. The order and text for most of these services can be found in books and hymn sheets set out in the entryway (or Narthex). Please feel free to use these books as much or as little as you wish. We welcome you to worship with us.